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Our Services


For over twenty years Hudson Audio Works has been dedicated to providing the  highest quality in Pro Audio, Backline, Lighting, video/live streaming, Staging & Event Production Services.

We provide equipment & tour support for many national touring acts, corporate events and regional festivals.

Our inventory includes many of the most requested brands and models of guitar and bass amps, keyboards, drums and percussion equipment. We provide delivery, set-up and on-site support.

Anything, anywhere, anytime. We are dedicated to providing the best gear for any situation (Concert, corporate event, wedding, recording session, video/streaming, etc) We have needed gear for your next event!


  • Guitar amps

    We have amps by: Fender,  Line 6, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Peavey, Roland, Vox, Orange & Kemper.

  • Guitars

    We have a nice selection of acoustic, electric guitars & Basses by: Fender, Gibson, Takamine, Taylor & Martin. Our guitar inventory is constantly expanding!

  • Bass amps & Cabinets

    Amps & cabinets by: Aguilar, Ampeg, Eden, Gallien-Krueger, Hartke, SWR and now TC Electronics amps & cabinets.

  • Keyboards & Pianos

    Keyboards & Pianos by: Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Korg, Kurzweil, M-Audio & Mini Moog, Nord (Including Stage2, 3 & 4 series 73, 88 & C2D).

  • Including Yamaha Montage 7 & 8, Dave Smith Prophet series, Korg Kronos2 & Moog series, Roland System 8 & Fantom. Keyboard rack modules by Yamaha, Roland, Korg are now in our ever growing inventory!

  • Piano Shells

    We have piano shell rentals which will accommodate most 88 key weighted keyboards. 5ft & 6'-5" models available. We now have a 5ft all white piano shell!

  • Organs & Electric Pianos

    We have excellent Hammond B3 organs with Leslie speakers, Fender Rhodes 73 & 88 electric pianos, Wurlitzer pianos.

  • Drums

    Drums by: Yamaha, DW, Pearl, Tama, Mapex, Ludwig (even Bonham re-issue) & Gretsch. Most shell size available!

  • Percussion

    Percussion by: Latin Percussion (LP) & Toca. Drums & hand toys!

  • We also have huge cymbal selection by Zildjian, Sabian & Paiste.


    We have the much desired Akai MPC 3000 & 4000 drum pads/samplers available.

  • Roland Handsonic HPD15 & HPD20, SPD-SX, SPD-20 & SPD-30, Yamaha DTXM12 electronic drum pads

  • DJ Gear

  • DJ Gear: Pioneer CDJ-2000, CDJ 2000 Nexus & Nexus2 & CDJ3000 CD players.

  • Rane 12 players

  •  Pioneer 900 & 900 Nexus2 mixers, Rane 62 & 72 mixers,

  • Technic 1200 turntables. 


    We also have a large inventory of tour ready Shure & Sennheiser wireless hand-held microphones, bodypacks  w/lavalier, instrument mics & guitar cables.

  • Tour ready Shure PSM900 & PSM1000. Sennheiser G3 & G4 IEMs w/ antenna distribution- In ear monitor systems.


    Two Way Radios: Motorola & Kenwood multi-channel two way radios w/hand mics & headsets.


    Drum & percussion risers: contact us regarding your riser needs.  We stock risers with legs & rolling risers.

  • Transportation

    Transportation is provided when booking most full backline rentals.


    Please contact us regarding backline,  techs & transportation for your next tour. Transport charges will be negotiated based on distance & number of tour dates.

    We are dedicated to providing quality consistent gear night after night at a reasonable cost! Let our crew deliver when & where you need it!

Vibro King
65 deluxe
Grand Piano
Fender Rhodes 88 _20130420_234620_627
Keyboard _20190303_145021826
Aguilar DB rig
DW Brokem glass _20140315_181047760_HDR.
Les Pauls
Audio Mixing Controller
Turntable from Above
Sound Mixing
ULXD rack
Shure PSM1000 rack2
Porter - Davies2

We Have built a solid reputation by providing gear, tour support &  cartage for hundreds of concerts, corporate & private events.

Additionally we have experience providing gear for national & Canadian tours, cruise ship events, celebrity weddings & events and political conventions.

We primarily service the greater Southern California areas: Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego & Santa Barbara counties. We also service cities in Nevada, Arizona, Utah & Colorado.

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